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FIC: Inkstains || Top Chef RPS, Season 6 - Top Chef

Oct. 15th, 2009

08:45 am - FIC: Inkstains || Top Chef RPS, Season 6

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Title: Inkstains
Author: write_light
Genre: Top Chef Slash, Volt!Sex
Pairing: Bryan Voltaggio/Michael Voltaggio
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2777
Warnings: RPS, mildly incestuous, making fun of Eli and Mike I. Set in Season 6 between Ep 7 and Ep 8.
Disclaimer: FICTIONAL. This is not a comment on the actual sexuality of these two men. I do not own or profit from any Top Chef stories. No offense intended.
A/N: I knew there was a story there; it just took a while for it to develop. After Ep 8, I had it, fully formed. I'm making up some of the interior and exterior living spaces, so just go with it.
Summary: Bryan comforts Michael after his near-loss, but it turns out the best comfort comes from freaking out the dickheads they live with. Tattoo-fetish too. Bryan's a complex guy.
Teaser (Actual quotes from Ep 8): Michael: I'll take the risk before Bryan will. Kevin: Michael tries to manipulate his brother.

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Like the trigger makes the hammer fall and the pistol fire, this got him going. This was new.

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