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FIC: Lonely Boys || Top Chef RPS, Season 6 - Top Chef

Dec. 28th, 2009

01:04 pm - FIC: Lonely Boys || Top Chef RPS, Season 6

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Title: Lonely Boys
Author: write_light
Genre: Top Chef RPS, Season 6, Volt!Sex
Pairing: Bryan Voltaggio / Michael Voltaggio
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: RPS, mildly incestuous. Set at the end of Season 6.
Word Count: Just about 3000.
Disclaimer: FICTIONAL. This is not a comment on the actual sexuality of these two men. I own my story but nothing else from Bravo. No offense intended.
A/N: I'm playing a bit with the actual filming timeline. Go with it.
Summary: The narcissist, the control freak, and a hotel shower. The same tub, at the same time. They're still not sure why.
Teaser (Actual quotes from Finale and Reunion eps): Michael: I can pretty much put a period on any sentence Bryan starts. Bryan: I know what he's trying to do.

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